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5 Easy Customer Service Upgrades for Your Business

by John Harmston

Small and medium-sized businesses often differentiate themselves with more personal service. It's an area where I see many businesses regularly outperform the industry giants. That makes customer service a top priority if you want to be successful in growing your market share. Limited resources can make it tough to keep customer satisfaction levels high, but there are ways to integrate service into your workflow that will keep customers smiling.

1. Improve Communication

Customers don't necessarily expect perfection, but they do want updates. By keeping customers in the loop about services, delays and changes, you help keep their expectations in line with what you offer. Daily reports with status updates can help you find customers that need an email. In many cases, you can even automate this process so it won't eat up a ton of man-hours.

2. Track Your Workflow

Customer satisfaction disappears when there are problems during the ordering process. I see business owners struggling to understand why orders are slow to ship or customers fail to finalize an order. Tracking your workflow can shed a lot of light on where your roadblocks are impacting customer experiences. If you see plenty of unfinished orders, you might want to map out your checkout process and see where customers abandon their carts. If you have trouble with timely delivery, see if the issue is in-house or if a fulfillment partner isn't meeting your needs. The only way to find the kinks is by watching orders move through your system.

3. Take Notes on Customer Interactions

Every time a customer contacts your company, there should be a note about the content of the interaction. It's nearly impossible to offer exceptional customer service when your agents don't know a customer's history. When your reps can see the customer's contact history at a glance, they can adjust their response based on where the customer is in the troubleshooting funnel.

4. It's All About the Data

Customer service starts and ends with good data. Personalized contact and knowing when to reach out to a customer are impossible when you don't have the right data. Collect as much as you can on every customer. You can always filter out what you don't use, but failure to capture is much more difficult to overcome.

5. Keep Customer Service In Mind in All Departments

Sure, your warehouse workers may never speak directly to a customer, but their work will certainly impact satisfaction levels. When every employee works toward the goal of customer satisfaction, it changes the way you accomplish order fulfillment. Customer-centric organizations maintain relationships longer and enjoy more repeat business.

John Harmston

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