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How to Build Your Own Brand From Scratch in 6 Steps

by Gavin Smith

Running your own business can be extremely satisfying. However, if you have a good business idea, you need to build a brand in order to position yourself in the market, differentiate yourself from competitors and draw in the right audience. If you're not sure how to create a brand -- or even where to start -- these six simple steps can help.

1. Define Your Purpose

First, figure out what your business does. Do you sell a product? Do you offer a service? Write down what you do and what problem you solve. This step can help you figure out who you need to appeal to and how you are different from other businesses out there.

2. List Your Values

One of the defining aspects of a brand is its values. Are you eco-conscious? Do you want to be seen as trendy and chic? Make a list of the things you value to help inform your more tangible branding elements, like the colors you use in your web design and the elements that go into your logo.

3. Create Buyer Personas

A buyer persona is essentially a profile of a made-up buyer for your company. It outlines who your customers are and who you should try to appeal to. Create a fictional character who is your buyer -- then really get to know them. Outline things like how they spend their time, what other brands they like, what they do for work, how much money they make and more.

4. Analyze Your Competitors

Look at people who are doing what you're going to be doing, and analyze their brands. How will your business be different from theirs? What aspects of your company can you highlight in your branding material to ensure that no one gets you confused with anyone else?

5. Create Your Actual Branding Assets

Now that you've got a good idea of who you are and who you're trying to draw in, create the actual branding assets that your company will use. Branding assets include things like a logo, a tagline, motto, the voice you're going to use in your written material or product descriptions, and your overall visual aesthetic. If you need help with this part, consult a professional graphic designer.

6. Promote Yourself

In order to build a brand, people must know about that brand and be able to recognize it. Create a website with all your company's branded material, then get the word out about it. Create social media pages to connect to potential customers, optimize your website for search, pay to place ads on search engines -- and watch as your brand begins to grow.

Gavin Smith