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4 Tips for a Powerful eCommerce Email Marketing Campaign

by Gavin Smith

When you run an eCommerce business, there are a huge variety of way to promote your business online -- from PPC ads to SEO optimization to social media posts. One great way that eCommerce business owners can generate leads is via an email marketing campaign. eCommerce email marketing campaigns can help develop your business' reputation as a valuable resource and thought leader, and they can convince potential customers to buy. Here are some helpful tips for powerful eCommerce email campaigns.

Segment Your Email Lists

When potential customers give you their email address, they only want to receive relevant, useful information from your company. Therefore, it's important to segment your email list and only send targeted messages, to ensure that the information they're receiving doesn't alienate recipients. Some ways that you can segment your list include by gender, geographic location, age or by subject (once leads have expressed interest in a particular aspect of your business).

Optimize Emails for Mobile

Today is the age of mobile browsing, with more people accessing the internet via their smartphones than their desktop computers. For that reason, all of your email messages should either be designed responsively or for mobile devices. That ensures that the messages look good and function well no matter what device a person has opened the email on.

Personalize Messages

Thanks to powerful email software today, you can send personalized messages to each person who signs up for your email list. When sending emails for a marketing campaign, use that personalization to makes message more appealing to readers. You can incorporate personalization into a message's subject line, its greeting or even in its call to action (CTA).

Move People Through the Sales Funnel

The ultimate goal of an email marketing campaign is to move people through the sales funnel. So, start with general, broad email messages in a campaign, and as people interact and engage with your brand more, make the messages more specific about buying. Email marketing campaigns that move people through the sales funnel can be automated, so each message is triggered when a potential customer takes action (e.g. clicking a link in a previous email, signing up to receive product updates, placing a product on a wish list, etc.).

Gavin Smith