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4 Important DON'Ts of Running an eCommerce Business

by Mark Swanson

Running an eCommerce business is hard work, and you'll need to understand the essentials if you want to grow your customer base and successfully generate revenue. To run an eCommerce business that thrives, make sure you DON'T do any of the following things.

Forgetting SEO

You may have a great product that you sell online, but just because it's great doesn't mean people will discover it immediately. Instead, you need to optimize your eCommerce site for search. This means you should use SEO keywords to ensure your site ranks well on Google when someone searches for something related to what you sell. After all, people use search engines ALL the time. There are more than 40,000 Google searches every second! (That's a lot of potential customers who could find you). Consider using a keywords tool like Google AdWords to help you find keywords that people are actually searching for. Alternatively, you can get professional SEO help to ensure that the keywords you need are incorporated sufficiently on your site.

Not Harnessing the Power Content Marketing

One other important digital marketing method that eCommerce businesses shouldn't eschew is content marketing. Content marketing basically means that businesses create valuable content on the Web that attracts potential customers -- and proves to those potential customers they have valuable, worthwhile information to offer the world. Content marketing helps build an eCommerce company's reputation, and it gives them more chances to take advantage of search optimized content -- which means customers can discover them organically on the web.

Not Automating and Outsourcing

When you run your own eCommerce business, you probably try to do a lot on your own -- but you should make sure you don't give yourself too much work. Otherwise, you'll neglect the things that really matter and spend too much time doing things that someone who doesn't have your expertise could accomplish. Try automating your processes (like sending receipts or confirmation emails) or outsourcing them (like having someone do data entry or inventory listing for you).

Not Being Mobile-Friendly

We're in the age of the mobile Web, which means people are now using their smartphones more than their desktops to access the internet. This means you'll want to make sure your eCommerce site works perfectly and looks good on mobile devices so you don't risk losing any business.

Mark Swanson

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