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6 Tips for Growing Your E-commerce Business With Instagram

by Gavin Smith

Instagram is a popular social media network that's focused on photo and video sharing. However, it's not just for friends and family members who want to keep track of their loved ones. It can also be used by businesses -- particularly e-commerce businesses -- that want to grow their customer base. Here are some helpful ways you can use Instagram to ensure that your business thrives.

Refine your brand with consistency

You can help create a strong brand identity on Instagram by being consistent with the images you put up. Make sure they have similar aesthetics, subjects, feels and looks. That way, people will instantly recognize a photo of yours when they see it -- and they'll be impressed with how cohesive your profile is.

Use hashtags

Take advantage of hashtags related to what you sell in order to draw in new customers. Hashtags -- or keywords -- are clickable, so Instagram users can see who is posting photos or videos related to what they're interested in. By using hashtags, you can bring in new business that otherwise wouldn't have been able to find you.

Showcase your products

Do you have beautiful products? Showcase them and their best features on your Instagram channel. It's a great place to show off the physical details of objects -- and entice people to buy them.

Try having a contest

Create an Instagram contest where you ask people to put up a photo of a certain thing -- maybe an object they bought from your store or something to do with the items you sell. Then, tell them to follow your Instagram page and tag their entry photos with a specific unique hashtag that you have created. Advertise that the winner will get a prize. At the end of the contest, pick a winner and award the prize. This will encourage people to engage with you on Instagram and see what you're sharing.

Repost customer and follower photos

Make your customers feel like part of your brand by resharing the photos that they put up. Tag your followers and caption their photos. You will make your customers feel cared for -- and also give them some more Instagram exposure.

Monitor your Instagram results

Use an Instagram analytics program to see how each photo you post on Instagram performs. Try to notice trends in how a photo does depending on when you post it, the hashtags you assign it, etc. Then, repeat the things that work. Getting your photos in front of more eyes can help naturally grow your e-commerce business.

Gavin Smith