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Tips for Getting Your Business Covered in the Press

by Mark Swanson

Growing a startup can be a difficult task. After all, if you're the head of a small, young business, there are a ton of responsibilities on your plate: from building a team to securing seed funding to actually developing products and services. One important step for growing a business is getting exposure for that business. Promoting a young company can not only ensure that you gain customers, but that you also build your reputation and reach more people who may be willing to invest. One great way to gain exposure for your company is via the press -- and there are some helpful tips you can follow to ensure that your business gets covered by the right people and in the right places. Here are a few of the most important.

Pitch Directly to Specific Writers

When you're creating a pitch for an article about your company, don't just send it to a general inquiry address at a newspaper, magazine or blog. Instead, do some research about publications you want to be covered in and who writes for those publications. When you find a writer who covers topics similar to your company or whose articles are geared for the right audience, reach out directly to that writer. Trying to foster a personalized connection is a much better way to ensure that your request is actually considered.

Make a Writer's Job Easy

If you want a writer to cover your business in the press, don't make their job harder than it has to be. Instead, provide helpful relevant information off the bat, like statistics, product or service facts and information about your team. It can also be helpful to gather the contact information of sources who can give testimonials or quotes about what your business does, so reporters can easily verify your facts.

Focus on How You're Different

When you send a pitch to a publication, don't just outline what your company does. Spend time explaining how what your company does is different than other companies. You'll only get press coverage because you're offering something new and exciting to people, so make clear what that unique thing is from the get-go -- and people will be more excited to give you coverage.

Mark Swanson

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