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5 Mistakes Online Businesses Make

by Gavin Smith

Online businesses these days are a dime a dozen. Creating a successful online business requires a thorough plan, lots of drive and a service or product customers will clamor for. There are five basic mistakes many individuals make when venturing into the online business world.

1. Not Listening to Customers

It's important to remember that your customers, or lack-thereof, will ultimately make or break your business. A pitfall many entrepreneurs sometimes fall into is only listening to their happy customers. It's just as important to listen to customers who return products or decide not to buy at all. This is where you'll learn what should be improved and what needs to be completely changed.

2. Launching Too Soon - Or Too Late

Selling a product or a service before you've started promoting and building an audience could prove disastrous. Launching too late, however, can be just as detrimental. You don't want to spend several months just blogging and trying to build an audience without moving forward. You need to arrange your schedule so you can make videos, blog regularly and still continue to focus on selling your products and services.

3. Not Standing Out from the Crowd

Having a product or service that stands out from what everyone else is promoting is a crucial element of success. You need to remember that standing out from the crowd doesn't necessarily mean having the flashiest website with excessive animation and graphics. You want your site to be attractive, yet simple to understand and navigate. It's your product that needs to be different from what the other guy is selling.

4. Unfocused Marketing

You may be tempted, for instance, to say your marketing focus will be on social media. This isn't nearly as specific as it should be. Begin by testing a few primary social audiences that should work well for your particular business. Pinterest and Facebook are usually better for promoting products while LinkedIn is a good choice for promoting B2B. YouTube videos are essential if you need to demonstrate how a product actually works.

5. Putting Profits Before Passion

It's extremely difficult to be truly successful in an area you really don't care about. The old saying that if you do what you love the money will follow is usually true. It's important to remember, however, that profits are not the same as having enough cash flow to start and maintain a business. While starting, maintaining and successfully operating an online business won't be easy it can be done. By having a focused plan and avoiding the pitfalls you can put together a prosperous online business.

Gavin Smith