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Catch Em With Content: 5 Content Creation Tips You Need To Know

by Mark Swanson

When you're looking to expand or enhance your e-commerce business, increasing your site traffic is essential. But bringing traffic to your new online store, even if powered by a custom e-commerce software, can be challenging if you run out of blog topic ideas. It's no secret that consistent content can enhance SEO, increase traffic, engage your audience, generate leads, and improve your brand. However, you can fix this issue with the right strategies. Here are five tips for creating a continuous flow of content:

1. Use Web and Mobile Analytics

You can do more than measure the quality of your content with web and mobile analytics. These are great tools for finding ideas for your next blog post when you're having writer's block. You can use analytics such as referral traffic, engagement rate, and sharing and comment rates to get an idea of what your audience's pain points are. For example, you can use the comment rate to determine which blog post is garnering the most comments and discover your audience is discussing. You can also filter your comments by topic to get ideas for writing new content.

2. Look to Your Audience (and Competitors)

You want to create content that will meet your target audience's needs and solve their issues. You can cut to the chase by directly inquiring your audience about their pain points or what topics they would like to discuss. You can reach out to your engaged audience with these questions on social media, on an email blast, or within your blog's forum. You can also get some content topic ideas by checking out what your competitors are discussing in their blog posts.

3. Try Predictive Search

If you want a clue as to what people are searching for, take a cue from the predictive search features of search engines and sites,] such as Google, YouTube or Amazon. The instant search features are designed to predict what you may type based on popular searches within its engine. Whether it's searching for the fastest mobile-ready e-commerce platform or for tips on choosing the best mobile commerce solutions for retail, you can get inspiration from predictive search.

4. Check Trends

Social media, forums, and third-party tools can all help you gather ideas for blog topics. For example, you can check trending topics via Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to see what your followers are discussing. Reddit and Quora also provide useful platforms for discovering what questions people are asking. Also, check Google Trends for trending topics based on your industry.

5.Revamp Your Existing Content

It's important to keep your content fresh and relevant so that your audience will keep coming back for more. When you have relevant, quality content, you will rank higher in search engines, and prospective customers can find your blog and e-commerce store more easily. Browse blog posts with high engagement and page views and consider tackling other angles of these topics. For example, if the content included "4 Ways to Create Popular Promotions for Your E-Commerce Site," you might write "4 Ways You're Killing Your E-Commerce Sales with Promotions" to highlight mistakes e-tailers make with promotional offers. Also, check to ensure that your previous blog content is still current. This is your opportunity to update any old information that is no longer relevant, such as video descriptions of embedded video content that contains outdated information. Also, change dates where needed.

Final Thoughts

Increasing your website traffic requires staying on top of your content. Posting content on a regular basis will help you bring traffic to your site, improve your conversion rates and bring prospective clients or customers down the sales channel to improve your bottom-line profits.

Mark Swanson

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