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The Key Elements of a Top Performing E-Commerce Product Description

by Gavin Smith

You have spent countless resources putting together the best e-commerce product lineup possible. The market is ready for offerings like yours, you spent the time to build up a platform and drive potential customers to your site, and you're sure that you're going to have great sales starting from Day One. There's just one problem. If you overlooked investing in quality e-commerce product descriptions, then you won't be able to persuade people to actually buy anything. Use these key elements to get your conversion rates on the right track.

Create a Buyer Persona

How much do you know about your potential customer? Are you writing your product descriptions in a way that speaks directly to their wants, needs and pain points? Put together a buyer persona and fill out as much as possible, then start planning your descriptions.


Are the first few lines of your description covering product features and options? It's time to reorganize your information. Think about the ways that your product benefits the ideal customer. Does it save them resources? Could it fix a common problem? Do they get a quality of life improvement from using it? Get their attention with this hook first.

Written in the Customer's Voice

Every customer demographic has its own turns of phrase and vocabulary that it uses when communicating online. Consider how different a group of young professionals is compared to college students when they're on social networks. Pay attention to your primary demographics and use the same terminology that they rely on every day.

Provides Enough Education for an Informed Decision
When you're an online-only company, you're asking customers to take a leap of faith the first time they make a purchase. They can't come into your store and see the products, so they rely on the product description and supporting content for their decision-making process. Make sure that you explain common ways to use the product and the situations that it helps with the most.


The customer journey these days looks like a piece of paper with scribbles all over it. Your prospective customers use the nearest device to research potential purchases and figure out whether they want to go through with the checkout process. If your product descriptions are difficult to read when people switch to a tablet or smartphone, you're going to lose a lot of them in the process.

Keep paragraphs short and sweet, with plenty of subheaders, bullet points and visual content to break up the text. You want to make it easy to read on smaller screens so your next customer can read up on your products while at work, then head home to make the order.

Includes a Call to Action

Let the customer know which action to take next through a clear Call to Action. You can direct them with prominent Buy or Order buttons, show them the drop-downs for all of the product options, or otherwise push them forward in the process. Sometimes that little push is just what the person needs to finish checking out.

Your product descriptions are a conversion-generating powerhouse when you know which elements to include. Make sure that you're investing enough resources into this part of your e-commerce site so that you can enjoy the growth of your customer base.

Gavin Smith