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The Importance of Content on Your Commerce Site

by John Harmston

Posted by John Harmston on Jul 26, 2016 10:00:00 AM

If you plan to start an e-commerce site, or you already own one, you need to do more than just sell great products at low prices. You also need to feature compelling content on your website. If you’re wary of entering the world of website content, consider these four important reasons your e-commerce site needs good content.

Content Helps Customers Find Your Store*

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become a crucial marketing tool for all websites, including e-commerce stores. Without content, search engines will probably pass over your website. If you manage to get any ranking, it won’t be on the first few pages of results and few people pay attention to anything past those first few pages.

SEO might not matter as much if you were already an established brand with a loyal following before you went online. For the most part, though, that’s not how e-commerce stores succeed. Research shows that most people who shop online don’t know what store they want to buy from. Instead, about 89 percent of shoppers use search engines to find what they want.

If a search engine doesn’t find your page, then you won’t get many customers.

Content Adds Value to Your Website

There are several types of content that you could use to make your website a source of useful information for your customers. For instance, if your store sells kites, then you could publish articles about topics such as:

  • Basic types of kite designs
  • How to put kites together
  • Best kites for kids
  • Famous kites throughout history
  • The most inventive kites for sale

Well-written articles on these subjects will help customers find the products they want. After they buy, they’ll even have guides that help them use the products.

Content Improves Your Brand

In addition to giving potential customers useful content, publishing on your website can affect the way people see your brand. When you regularly publish articles, you show that you are an authority on the things you sell. You can also use blog posts to establish a brand personality that your customers will like. People would rather shop from a knowledgeable company they like than an anonymous website that just tries to sell items.

Diverse Content Will Attract More Customers

Since search engines focus on keywords, written content will bring more traffic to your e-commerce store. Still, you shouldn’t discount the positive effects of media options like video and podcasts.

Video is a particularly useful tool for stores that sell complex products. Instead of just writing an article about how to put a kite together, you can match the article with a video demonstrating the steps. A lot of people prefer watching videos, anyway. By publishing diverse media, you’ll keep more consumers interested in your store.

Creating the Content You Need

If you have strong writing skills, then you may find that you can create much of the content you need for your e-content site. Making videos and podcasts, however, requires more experience and equipment than writing a short blog post.

Many companies decide to outsource content creation to marketing companies that specialize in writing articles, making videos, recording podcasts, and creating other types of content. If you do not have the skills to make high-quality content on your own, then you should hire one of these companies to help you. Your website needs content to thrive. Bad content, though, could make your store look like a scam, and that will push away potential customers.

Content is one of the best ways to get people to your website. Converting those people into paying customers, however, requires good content that describes products, improves your brand’s personality, and adds value to the visitor’s experience. When you reach those goals, your store has a much better chance of succeeding and growing.

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